Acne Scar Treatment

A consultation is the first step to safe and successful acne scar therapy. The dermatologist will check your skin throughout the consultation and will pay special attention to any scars. In addition, the dermatologist will ask you several important questions. Not everyone is a candidate for treatment. Some people believe that scars are not as bad as they seem. Others believe that the scars have an impact on their daily life. Scars can be made less noticeable with certain treatments. Others can help you get rid of the wavy texture of your skin. Tell your dermatologist what is most important to you. If you and your dermatologist agree that treatment is the best option for you, your dermatologist will design a treatment plan just for you. Your dermatologist will evaluate a number of factors when developing this strategy, including the types of scars and where the scars appear on your body. In case you have taken isotretinoin to treat skin inflammation, make sure you inform your dermatologist before starting treatment for skin inflammation scars. For best results, your dermatologist may suggest more than one treatment. For example, assuming you have a deep scar on your car (often resembling a giant pore), laser treatment, and a type of skin scar, a medical procedure called "subcision" may be important to give you the results you need. Our dermatologist depends on top-to-bottom clinical information to determine which medications are best for you.

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