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Psoriasis is a distressing condition and is probably the most researched skin condition worldwide. It is characterized by red, scaly patches (plaques) on the skin. So, in this case, psoriasis treatment is required because recent data suggest that psoriasis may be associated with other conditions such as obesity, alcohol intake, cardiovascular disease, joint pains etc. to name a few. Proper medical history, counseling and thorough examination are crucial in cases of psoriasis as early psoriasis treatment leads to better outcomes and to stalling of the so-called “psoriatic march” which may, later on, lead to systemic manifestations. Psoriasis may occur early or later in life and can affect any age group, sex or race. Psoriasis is considered to be genetic in nature and although it carries considerable social stigmatization with it, it is not a contagious condition. Although, certain environmental factors are believed to trigger psoriases, such as infections, drugs (topical or oral), and genetic predisposition, the exact cause of psoriasis or trigger of psoriasis still eludes us. It is believed that psoriasis gets worse in the winter months. Although it is not completely curable, it may disappear and may reappear after some time.

  • Best Psoriasis Teatment Clinic in Jaipur
  • Best Psoriasis Teatment Clinic in khatipura
  • Psoriasis Teatment Clinic in Jaipur

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